Why You Shouldn’t Rush To Trade In Your Old Vehicle

Why You Shouldn’t Rush To Trade In Your Old Vehicle You might feel you’re getting a good deal on your old car, and it saves the hassle and time of having to advertise and sell it privately. But you could be missing out on potentially thousands of pounds as the trade-in value is often much […]

Is an Electric Car Right for Me?

Is an Electric Car Right for Me? No-one can have escaped the meteoric rise in popularity of electric vehicles in recent years. Charging points ae popping up everywhere and everyone seems to be jumping on the electric bandwagon. You might think it’s worth an investment in light of rising prices of diesel and petrol, the […]

How to Save Money on Fuel – Our Top Ten Tips

Check our our blog below on how to save money on fuel. The price of fuel is at the forefront of every driver’s mind at the moment. It’s fluctuating, but we have all fallen foul of leaving the visit to the petrol station until the following day only to find prices have soared overnight. The […]


WHY FIND & FINANCE? We all know the stigmas behind buying a used car, or even a new car for that matter. When Mike our director set up this company back in 2018 his main focus was to transform the customer experience when buying a used vehicle, creating a service that is simply unrivalled in […]

Why you should choose Find & Finance for a Happy New Car Day

Who doesn’t love ‘new car day’? It’s so exciting getting into your shiny new set of wheels and showing it off to friends and family. The euphoria of the day often helps us forget that the weeks and months leading up to it may have been filled with frustration and angst; hours spent traipsing round […]

How to avoid a fine while driving with your dog!

How to avoid a fine while driving with your dog! During the national lockdown, first time dog ownership skyrocketed in the UK with a total of 3.2 million UK households  acquiring a pet, according to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association. So, as lockdown rules start to ease  and more of us are planning our staycations, […]

Fun Driving Facts

We love these fun driving facts by Evans Halshaw we hope you enjoy them too. The average person spends over £206,000 on cars in their lifetime It’s a fact that cars are expensive to run,  insurance, tax, servicing, parking, fuel, it all adds up but who knew it would be that much … over £206,000! […]

Can electric cars go the distance?

As electric cars become more mainstream and demand from consumers increases, the range of vehicles on offer continues to grow but whilst we know they offer virtually all the functionality and practicality of traditional petrol or diesel cars, while offering the potential for very low day-to-day running costs, some clearly are better than others. And […]