Why you should choose Find & Finance for a Happy New Car Day

Who doesn’t love ‘new car day’?

It’s so exciting getting into your shiny new set of wheels and showing it off to friends and family.

The euphoria of the day often helps us forget that the weeks and months leading up to it may have been filled with frustration and angst; hours spent traipsing round rows and rows of cars and trawling through websites trying to find the right car.

But there are easier ways.

At Find & Finance we believe the right car is out there for everyone – whether it’s a new driver looking for a first car, a family looking for a spacious SUV or someone splashing out on a flashy sports car.

What we don’t believe is that finding it should be a stressful, frustrating, drawn-out process.

In recent years, a whole host of online car sales platforms have sprung up, promising to make buying a car a quick and easy process.

We often get compared to them. But we are very, very different and here’s why:

  1. We offer a bespoke personal service. No two customers are the same – everyone has their own specific requirements. We will source the perfect car based on your needs; we’ll negotiate on price, carry out an extensive range of background and mechanical checks to make sure the vehicle is 100 per cent right for you; we’ll arrange finance to suit you and even deliver the car fully-prepped.
  2. We offer a human touch. We are not an Amazon-style online marketplace for cars like other platforms are – you might not speak to a real person in the whole process, let alone meet them face to face. But rest assured, there are no robots at Find & Finance! We are real people and we are here to help you.
  3. Safety comes first with us. All our cars are checked and checked again to make sure they are fully roadworthy and worth the money our customers are paying for them.
  4. We are transparent and honest. A car might look like the perfect choice for you on the surface, but if we have any doubts or concerns, you will be the first to know. We are a team of expert fact-finders – we thoroughly research and inspect every vehicle and feed that information back to you so that you can make an informed decision.
  5. Our expertise, care and attention to detail will save you time, money and, quite possibly, heartache in the long-run.

We think trust is the cornerstone of any great relationship, and the fact that our customers come back time and time again speaks volumes.

You are guaranteed a very happy ‘New Car Day’ if you choose us.

To find out more about Find & Finance, visit www.find-and-finance.co.uk

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