How to avoid a fine while driving with your dog!

How to avoid a fine while driving with your dog! During the national lockdown, first time dog ownership skyrocketed in the UK with a total of 3.2 million UK households  acquiring a pet, according to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association. So, as lockdown rules start to ease  and more of us are planning our staycations, […]

Top Tips to Improve Fuel Consumption

Here’s a few quick and simple driving hacks to help you improve your fuel efficiency with very little effort thanks to this great little article we found on MoneyToday   CHECK YOUR TYRE PRESSURE Driving with optimal tyre pressure makes a huge difference to your car’s fuel efficiency. Reduced tyre pressure increased friction between the […]

Fun Driving Facts

We love these fun driving facts by Evans Halshaw we hope you enjoy them too. The average person spends over £206,000 on cars in their lifetime It’s a fact that cars are expensive to run,  insurance, tax, servicing, parking, fuel, it all adds up but who knew it would be that much … over £206,000! […]

Can electric cars go the distance?

As electric cars become more mainstream and demand from consumers increases, the range of vehicles on offer continues to grow but whilst we know they offer virtually all the functionality and practicality of traditional petrol or diesel cars, while offering the potential for very low day-to-day running costs, some clearly are better than others. And […]

The benefits of switching to an electric vehicle

We all now appreciate the need to look after the planet and research has shown that electric cars emit less greenhouse gases and air pollutants over their life than a petrol or diesel car. At find & finance  , we think the benefits of driving electric cars speak for themselves and with the promise of […]

Electric Cars – what’s all the fuss about?

In November 2020,  the government announced ambitious plans to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in the UK by 2030 putting us on course to be the fastest G7 country to decarbonise cars and vans. This 2 phase approach  will see the phase-out date for the sale of new petrol and diesel […]

Cool tips for hot cars on a scorching day

Living in Britain, a hot car might not be something you have to worry yourself about very often! But when the sun does shine, and shine with some force, we can all be pretty unprepared for the effect this has when we have to drive in the heat. What might seem obvious to those more […]

Top five convertible cars in films

  It’s fair to say, stylish cars can become as central to a film as the characters driving them. Not just where the car itself is the story, like in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or Herbie, although the classic Rolls Royce that’s turned into a ‘phantasmagorical’ machine and Disney’s cute little VW Beetle with a […]