The benefits of switching to an electric vehicle

We all now appreciate the need to look after the planet and research has shown that electric cars emit less greenhouse gases and air pollutants over their life than a petrol or diesel car.

At find & finance  , we think the benefits of driving electric cars speak for themselves and with the promise of charging times being cut to minutes and extended range, we think the time is right to consider the switch.

Electric vehicles represent excellent value for money over the long term and can be a good investment for drivers looking for a cheaper, more efficient way to get around.

Like all vehicles, the cost of buying an electric car varies depending on make, model, features and type.

Here we share with you what we think are some of the key benefits to switching to electric:

Better for the environment, better for you

Fully electric cars have zero tailpipe emissions making them greener, cleaner and better for the environment than petrol or diesel cars.

Less emissions mean reduced greenhouse gasses, enabling the UK to contribute towards reducing global warming.

With technological advances,  quieter EV cars mean, the future of driving is bright and clean.

Lower running costs

While the price of an electric vehicle  may still be comparable to petrol or diesel cars, the cost of running one is significantly cheaper particularly over the full lifetime of the vehicle.

With company tax incentives and special government grants and enhanced fuel efficiency, the lower cost of electricity and reduced maintenance requirements, you could spend far less on an electric vehicle than you do on your current car.

Fully electric cars are designed to be as efficient as possible and with generally 3 main components powering the vehicle,  there is far less wear and tear on the car and little stress on the motor, with fewer moving parts susceptible to damage.

All this means you’ll rarely have to have your electric car serviced and the running and repair costs are minimal.

Fast, easy home charging

Charging an electric car at home is cost efficient, simple and fast.

A compact, all-weather home charging unit can be outside your home and you’ll be eligible for a £350 government grant to cover installation.  This then allows you to simply plug in the charging cable when you have parked up. It’s as easy as charging your mobile phone.

Using a 7kW home charging port, most  can charge to full capacity in around 5- 10 hours although rapid chargers can speed up the process even more, charging most cars to about 80% in under an hour.

Quieter, more enjoyable driving

One of the first things drivers notice when switching to an electric car is the quietness of the vehicle.

All electric cars have instant torque , which simply means instant power.  As soon as you hit the accelerator, you’ll get an instant response and surge of speed from the car, making these vehicles ideal for city driving.

Batteries in electric vehicles are often found in the floor of the car, which provides  excellent balance and weight distribution which also  means that handling around corners and curves is effortless and reliable.

Resale value

Industry figures suggest that on average, cars retain 40% of their new value after three years or 36,000 miles but  electric cars buck this trend,  retaining 48.9% of their value after three years or 36,000 miles!

The future of driving is electric, if you are ready to make the switch and be part of the electric revolution give us a call on  0333 006 3825 or contact us online at


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