It’s been 18 months now since we set up Find & Finance as a husband and wife team and, although we thought the idea was a good one, we’ve been blown away by the popularity of our no-hassle used vehicle buying service!

The vision on launching the company was clear – to transform the customer experience when buying a used vehicle, creating a second-hand car buying service that is quite simply unrivalled in the UK. A premium service without the premium price tag.

I’d recognised there was a need for a different approach after working closely with hundreds of independent dealerships, franchised dealerships and regional/national vehicle supermarkets over a six-year period.  It became clear that the focus was nearly always on ‘selling the vehicle’, rather than providing the customer with a service tailored to them.

That’s where I saw our opportunity for a niche offering, to help and guide people through the various stages of buying a used vehicle and make it simple, safe and special.

Keeping those three little words at the heart of our business, we’ve seen our business grow at an incredible rate. Our two-man team is now three, very soon to become four and our vision to become a nationally recognised brand is seeming less pie in the sky and more plausible with every customer and great review we get!

In fact, it’s become so popular that we’ve had to evolve. What started out as ‘Find and Finance Your Car’ in June 2018 has developed into ‘Find & Finance’, where we now look after used vehicle sales of all kinds including vans and motorcycles.

To us, it’s demonstrable proof that people are crying out for a better way to buy a used vehicle other than trawling the forecourts and selling pages themselves and ‘taking a chance’ on it being mechanically sound and a good deal.

What do we mean by simple, safe and special?

Simple = ultimate convenience.

One phone call to us and we source your perfect car, van or motorbike at an unbeatable price with full service history and a comprehensive inspection, saving you time, hassle and money! We even deliver it direct to your door.

Safe = robust guarantees and comprehensive warranties.

Could you spot a potential problem when looking at a used vehicle? We offer rigorous background checks and a vehicle inspection as standard so you have peace of mind that your vehicle has been maintained and cared for throughout its lifetime, and a 12-month warranty with every sale! So, you can be 100% confident that your new car, van or motorbike will be safe.

Special = a service entirely tailored to each individual customer.

Because we do all the hard work, you can simply enjoy your new car, van or motorbike! No more trawling through ads to find the right vehicle at the right price, trips up and down the country viewing potential vehicles and negotiating with sellers and organising pick-ups. So, when it arrives at your home, it’ll feel all the more special.

Why is it working so well?

We’re hearing loud and clear from our customers that they never thought buying a used car could be so EASY! And because we’re making things simple and hassle-free, we’re being referred to family members, friends, and friends of friends all the time.

We’re easy to talk to, we listen to what you want, we don’t try and sell you what you don’t want and we do all the donkey work. What’s not to like?

Find & Finance has changed the dynamic of the traditional used motor sales business model. Our business model is based heavily on advice and recommendation. It has been built, from the ground up, with the strong belief that an exceptional customer experience is key to the entire vehicle buying process and we’re proving day after day that this is what people want.

To find your next vehicle the simple, safe and special way, give us a call on 0333 006 3825.

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