One Simple Way to Keep Good Drivers

Staff turnover among delivery drivers in the UK courier industry is notoriously high.

Many of the drivers are self-employed and sub-contracted – in many cases they have to supply their own vehicles and cover the costs for maintenance and repairs.

And as online shopping increases rapidly there are plenty of opportunities around for them – if someone else is offering a better rate of pay or better conditions than you, then it’s inevitable that they will move on.

High staff turnover can have a huge effect on the business; not only is there a high cost of recruitment, but there are the issues of lost productivity and staff shortages as well as impact on morale and much more to consider.

Bosses are continually looking for ways to avoid those issues and improve staff retention rates.

There are many and varied ways that they can do this, but one way is to offer new drivers a safe, reliable, up to date vehicle to use for work.

This can often be a deal-breaker for new employees. If one company is expecting them to use their own vehicle and cover all maintenance and repair costs and another is offering them a fully-funded and reliable modern vehicle, it’s a no-brainer which one they will choose.

Having the use of a reliable vehicle, safe in the knowledge that any repair and maintenance costs will be taken care of, takes a huge responsibility off the shoulders of the new employee.

Another added advantage is that it also plays a big part in job security.

Drivers are the public face of the operation and unhappy and stressed drivers reflect poorly on the employer.

For the employer, it might seem like an unnecessary expense, but when we take into consideration the effect on the morale of the driver – keeping them feeling valued and secure in their job – the cost is far exceeded by the benefits of having a happy employee who is not looking to move in to better things.

If a courier business is considering this, partnership with a company like Find & Finance can be a big advantage.

We can work with any business to source the vehicles required, ensuring each vehicle is in tip top condition, fit for purpose and within the designated budget.

We will search sellers across the UK to find the exact vehicles to suit the business needs.

We’ll help find the right finance solution and even look after those vehicles, covering MoTs, servicing and repairs, arranging bookings to minimise downtime and make sure it doesn’t impact on the operation.

We’ll even help businesses dispose of the vehicles as and when required, ensuring the best possible price is achieved.

In effect, we can supply a specialist transport team, saving time and money and most importantly keeping those valued, experienced drivers on the payroll and happy.

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