Latest vehicle delivery brings greater safety for customers

As business owners we’re all having to make big changes to operate safely at this unprecedented time in our history. Well, they don’t come much bigger than the latest vehicle delivery to our Find & Finance family!

To continue to offer the very best service to customers, with safety at the forefront of our minds following the COVID-19 pandemic, Find & Finance has invested in our very own vehicle transporter.

This is transforming the way we deliver our service, making things safer for both our staff and customers.

We’ve always prided ourselves on offering a simple, safe and special way to buy a used vehicle. Even in these difficult circumstances, we want to live up to that claim.

How will this help?

Once we’ve sourced the perfect car or van for a customer, our service does not end there. Not only do we conduct a full inspection to ensure it is in great condition and negotiate a brilliant price, it’s part and parcel of our service to then collect and valet the vehicle and deliver it to the customer’s door.

There are a number of reasons this could cause issues with potential coronavirus contamination.

Staff would previously travel via public transport to inspect and pick up vehicles from across the country. Using the transporter means they can avoid the risks of using trains and buses.

It also means, once we’ve valeted a vehicle ready for delivery, it can remain pristine and sanitised. We no longer have to drive them to their new owner.

Delivering peace of mind

This is giving our customers the confidence to purchase a used vehicle again and our order books are filling up fast.

Peace of mind matters more than ever at the moment, and we hope this big investment shows how much that matters to us.

Find & Finance offer a premium used-vehicle buying service, without the premium price tag. We find your perfect car, van or motorcycle at an unbeatable price, then deliver it to your door, saving you time, hassle and money.

Find out more about how our service works here.

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