How We Can Offer a Little Bit of Fleet Management Magic

Running a business can be stressful and fraught at the best of times.

If you’ve got a fleet of vehicles to manage as well, that can bring its own challenges.

If only there was someone who could take care of the fleet for you; help to find the perfect vehicles for your business, manage and maintain them keeping them in top condition.

If only you could cut the amount of downtime, when vehicles are in for repair or servicing, to keep your workers working.

If only there was someone who would help you dispose of the vehicles when the time comes, achieving the best price possible.

If only there was someone with a magic wand to make all of this happen, leaving you to get on with running the business.

Well, while we couldn’t claim to be the fairy godmother of fleet management, we can make all that stress and angst disappear and save you time and money at the same time.

And, believe it or not, there’s no magic involved; just common sense, first-class customer service and expert knowledge.

Our fleet management solution covers every step from acquisition through management and maintenance to disposal, and for us, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Acquisition

    – we’ll find the perfect vehicles for you, sourcing vehicles that are fit for purpose, helping to cut the costs of vehicle repairs, fuel consumption and vehicle downtime. We can also find the right finance solution for the vehicle and the business.

  2. Management and maintenance

    – we’ll look after those vehicles, covering MOTs, servicing and repairs. We manage bookings, giving you and your drivers enough notice to manage your time. We can arrange collection/delivery of the vehicle. We can also manage any minor accident repairs, using our network of mobile body shop repairers. And we can also offer tracking and driving reports, giving you the chance to spot where training might be needed, or find ways to reduce fuel consumption. If your vehicles are in for repairs, we can also help sort replacement hire vehicles.

  3. Resale

    – we ensure the optimal value of the vehicles is maintained for resale. We have access to a large trade network and can achieve the best possible trade price or we can sell vehicles on our dealership AutoTrader account.

It’s like having a dedicated specialist transport team on your staff, freeing up your time and saving money.

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